The Warren Alpert Foundation generously awarded the University of Pennsylvania a $9.5 million grant to increase diversity in the Genetic Counseling field. The Alliance to Increase Diversity in Genetic Counseling, funded by this grant, is a consortium of five graduate genetic counseling programs working together to achieve this goal. This innovative program will offer an opportunity for a total of forty students, full two-year scholarships, educational fellowships, mentorship, and a curriculum focused on diversity and inclusion in their Master of Science in Genetic Counseling degree at one of the participating programs over the next five years.

Full Scholarships & Stipends

Full two-year scholarships and stipends for forty students pursuing their Master of Science in Genetic Counseling degrees over the next five years.

Diversity and Inclusion in Health Care

Graduating genetic counselors well-educated about the impact of limited diversity in healthcare and strategies to improve and expand genetic and genomic services.

Educational Outreach

Raising awareness of the genetic counseling profession to develop a pipeline of interested students from diverse communities.

Community of Scholars

An inclusive climate built on collaboration and the open exchange of ideas, allowing individuals from various backgrounds to contribute and learn from each other

Mentorship & Career Development

Mentorship throughout the program and in career to development to navigate the increasingly complex field and the expanded opportunities for genetic counselors

MISSION STATEMENT: We support a culture of inclusivity where differences are valued and considered critical for the advancement of the genetic counseling profession. Through educational initiatives, research, and training, we aim to improve equity in healthcare and create a genetic counseling workforce that will reflect and best serve culturally diverse communities.