Advisory Committees

The Internal Advisory Committee is comprised of representatives of the University who monitor and evaluate the program’s progress and assess the outcome of the goals of the project. They are committed to supporting the efforts to increase diversity in genetics and genomics. The committee meets annually with the Executive Committee to review the AID-GC program admissions, training, retention, and post-completion activities to provide feedback on all aspects of the project.

Maja Bucan, PhD

Professor of Genetics in Psychiatry
Co-Director of Autism Spectrum Program of Excellence (ASPE)

Susan Domchek, MD

Executive Director, Basser Center for BRAC, Basser Professor of Oncology Perelman School of Medicine

Isaac Elysee, MS, LCGC

Genetic Counselor at the Division of Translational Medicine and Human Genetics

Julie Moldenhauer, MD

Professor of Pediatrics and Obstetrics and Gynecology in Surgery

Katherine Nathanson, MD

Director of Genetics, Basser Research Center, Perelman School of Medicine

Sarah Tishkoff, PhD

David and Lyn Silfen University Professor of Genetics and Biology

Members of the External Advisory Committee were selected based on their experience and expertise in equity, justice, and inclusion in the Genetic Counseling field. The External Advisory Committee monitors and evaluates the program’s conduct and outcomes and provides suggestions for improvements. The committee meets periodically with the Executive Committee to review the program’s progress.

Wendy Chung, MD, PhD

Warren Alpert Board of Directors
Committee Member

Barbara Harrison, MS, LCGC

Howard University
Committee Chair

Grace-Ann Fasaye

Cofounder GOLDEN
Committee Member

Colonel Arthur L. Jenkins Jr.

United States Army
Committee Member

Janette Z. Lawrence, MS, LCGC

Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center
Committee Member

Rebecca Mueller, PhD, LCGC

University of Pennsylvania
Committee Member

Erica Price, MS, LCGC

Genetic Counselor
Committee Member

Committee Members